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Red Christmas candles

Christmas candles


Let’s get back to an old fashioned Christmas! Shift away from the hustle, bustle, shopping and frantic pace of the season and focus on the birth of Jesus, fun and togetherness.  Begin by reading below and then clicking on today’s Advent page…

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Activity and scripture pages:  You can easily create your own Advent devotional time. Each day of the month of Advent has its own page. Each day of Advent is listed in this section with the designated candles to light, a scripture to read, activities to share, a simple craft, and prayer to close with.

Each page can be printed for use at the wreath and candles.

To begin Advent Fun time, choose a time of day that works best for your family.  Turn down the Christmas music, and lower the lights a little. Collect the family Bible. Find a comfortable place to gather around the Advent wreath, light the candle and begin with scripture or prayer. Go over today’s Advent Fun page together.  Maybe read a chapter of a Christmas story too.

Advent week 1, the Week of Hope  November 29 – December 5purple candle lit with silver decor around it

two lit purple pillar candles with silver decor around themAdvent Week 2, the Week of Preparation       December 6-12



lit candles, two purple one pink, silver wreathAdvent week 3, the Week of Joy   December 13-19

four lit candles. three purple, one pinkAdvent week 4, the Week of Love            December 20-25




five lit candles, three purple, one pink, one whiteChristmas Day




family drawing with adults one child and a heart aroundFamily or Group Activities:  In addition to the image adv pages activitydaily activity, each Saturday includes a group activity and a recipe to share with visiting friends and family.

image advent pages craftsCrafts: All crafts are designed to be easy and use items you are likely to have on hand. Each Advent page has an optional craft suggestion. Doing crafts together is just another way to share experiences and have time to talk. Try making easy but fun to make Home Made Gifts..

image advent pages recipeRecipes: All our recipes are simple, no stress Recipes that are suitable for any age group. There are also recipes scattered in the Advent pages.

At the bottom of each Advent page, there is a image advent pages inspquote or poem to enjoy. You can also find choice Stories to Share, special Songs, and ideas for Family Traditions. It is uplifting  to serve others so we have a list of our favorite Charities. A fun way to save precious Christmas memories is to create a Christmas Journal. Go around the dinner table and jot down answers to the questions in the sample. Tuck it away in your Christmas boxes to open and read next year.

Share With Us:  Have you a inspirational quote, story, poem or passage you would like to share? A family tradition that has been in your family for generations? Please share it with us by clicking here.

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Unless otherwise noted, scripture quotations are from The New International Version (NIV) © 1973, 1978, 1984 by the International Bible Society, Zondervan Bible Publishers.

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