A True Christmas

Christmas without all the hoopla…

Advent Candles


Each Advent candle has a special meaning.

purple candle lit with silver decor around itThe first candle is candle of Hope, a purple candle. It represents God keeping his promises.




two lit purple pillar candles with silver decor around themThe second candle, also a purple candle, is the candle of Preparation. It reminds us to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus.




lit candles, two purple one pink, silver wreathThe third candle, a pink candle, is the candle of Joy. It represents the angels singing joyfully of Jesus’ birth.






four lit candles. three purple, one pinkThe fourth candle, a purple candle, is the candle of Love. It reminds us that God loved us enough to send us his only Son to save us from our sins.




five lit candles, three purple, one pink, one whiteThe white candle, lit only on Christmas day, is the Christ candle, which represents Jesus.


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