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Advent Calendars


There are all kinds of Advent calendars available.

Here are just a few that we have enjoyed.

Three Dimensional Pop-Up Nativity Advent Calendar (ISBN 1-56021-449-X)  This is a neat pop-up calendar that children especially enjoy. On the back board are little flaps that open for each day of Advent; a little picture is inside.

advent calendar pop-up open shows nativity scene three dimensional

pop up advent nativity calendar cover

The Story of Christmas Story Book Set and Advent Calendar  (ISBN 978-0-7611-5250-7)  This Advent calendar tells the story of Jesus birth on little cardboard booklets that are also ornaments for your tree.

Christmas Story advent calendar cover

christmas story advent calendar open shows little book ornaments insdie

advent calendar shaped like house, with 24 little doors to open, shows two doors openThis is an Advent calendar shaped like a house. Each day of Advent has its own little door and chamber for tiny ornaments, or a candy surprise, or a rolled up paper with a scripture to read.  You could also print Advent Fun Pages, clip out an activity, scripture, or craft, and place it inside each door. Open the door and do whatever is on the slip of paper for that day of Advent.

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