A True Christmas

Christmas without all the hoopla…

Sunday, Dec 6

The Week of Preparation

Sunday, December 6

images adv pages candlesLight two purple candles: the candle of Hope, and the candle of Preparation.


image advent ages scriptureRead Luke 1:26-38


image adv pages activityWrite a biography of an elderly or interesting member of your family. Make a list of questions and set up a date for an interview.  Bring refreshments, paper, pen or recorder with you. Take your time and do not rush their answers. Sample questions: Timeline of where they were born and  have lived. Their earliest memory. Most joyous/ most painful memory. Tell about their parents. Where have they traveled in the world? Different types of jobs they have done? Their favorite hobbies, activities, books to read, favorite thing about Christmas. Childhood family traditions. Tell about their childhood Christmas. What special gift do they remember? What were their hopes and dreams? What advice would they give young people today about how to keep Christmas special,  their future, marriage, what is important in life?

image advent pages craftsBasket Weave Greeting Card. Cut strips of ribbon about four inches long. Weave ribbons together like a basket. With tip of glue bottle or glue gun, place tiny drop of glue among weaves to hold it together. Place under a book. Let dry. Using a stencil or free hand, cut weaved ribbons into a star, a Christmas tree, or a cross shape. Optional: Decorate sparingly with glitter glue, or flat confetti type decorations from craft store. Glue to front of greeting card. Write a personal message inside.

(Supplies: ribbons in festive colors or design, two or three different designs/color (or use scrap wallpaper cut into strips), blank greeting card stock and envelope, clear-drying glue, glitter glue, stencils, decorations)

image girl prayingLord, we know the joy we feel today comes from you, and we are truly thankful. May our thoughts and actions today reflect our awareness that you are the source of all good things.  In your name we pray, Amen.


image advent pages insp“The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving.”     ~H.U.Westermayer

Click here for a printable  Advent fun page December 6

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