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Easy Crafts

Easy Crafts

We purposely include only simple crafts, that kids of any age can do, and mostly you need only items you’d find around the house. Have a craft to contribute that fits the bill?

Click here to share it. cross with bottle caps and purple glitter craft

Glitter Cross  Take a wooden cross obtained from a craft store. We did an eight inch cross; the wood must be wide enough for the bottle caps. Paint the cross (optional). Collect enough matching bottle caps to decorate the cross with then lined up vertically and horizontally. On newspaper place the bottle caps face down, and fill with glitter glue. Allow to dry. Glue caps to cross in line with shape of cross. Allow to dry. Loop piece of string on back and secure with glob of glue, or use picture-hanging hardware.     (Supplies: wooden cross, acrylic paint, bottle caps, glitter glue, two inch piece of string, craft glue)

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