A True Christmas

Christmas without all the hoopla…

More Recipes

Christmas Cup Cakes. 
Mix the batter from the white cake mix as directed. Divide the batter into six small bowls. Add food coloring to the bowls like this: two green (12 drops each bowl), two red (16 drops each bowl). Two remain white. Optional: In the white bowl add red or green sprinkles or a combination of the two. Line 16 muffin cups. Fill each cup about ¼ full with red batter. Spread with spoon. Next, repeat with white, then green. Spread batter in cup with knife to cover the color underneath. Bake as directed for cake mix. Let cool. Remove lining. Top with whipped cream or icing and sprinkles. (Supplies: 18 oz. white cake mix, green food coloring. red food coloring, six small bowls, red or green sprinkles, 16 muffin cups)

Crockpot Apple Butter. Mix the ingredients together and simmer in uncovered crockpot for 4-5 hours. Ingredients: 8 C applesauce, 3 C sugar, ¼ C vinegar, 1 T cinnamon, ½ tsp ground cloves. Pour into a jar, allow it to cool. Seal and store in refrigerator. Serve with your favorite holiday breads.7

Peaches and Cream Dessert. Collect three glass cups or mugs. Drain 1 can of peaches and layer 3 slices of peaches in the bottom of each mug.  Add ½ cup of vanilla or peach flavored yogurt on top of the peaches. Repeat layers. Top with whipped cream.

Flaming Snowballs. Place one scoop of ice cream with (optional) decorations on each person’s plate. Make the scoop as round and snowball-like as possible. Place a sugar cube on the top of each snowball, press it down in slightly. Sprinkle drops of pure lemon extract on each sugar cube until saturated. Carefully supervise small children. Have everyone sit back a little from their plate for safety and light each lemon cube with the matches. Turn off the lights and enjoy the treat!

(Supplies: vanilla ice cream, the whitest you can find, pure lemon extract (imitation will not do), sugar cubes, one for each guest, plates, napkins and spoons, matches)  Optional: holly sprig or Christmas colored sprinkles or sprig of real evergreen on top of each snowball. Use this to illustrate the verse Isaiah 9:2.

Special Easy Christmas Brownies. Take paper squares and cut shapes to use as stencils: tree, star, heart, swirl, snowman, or a gingerbread man, or letters to spell a Christmas message. Bake the brownies as directed. After brownies have cooled, cut them into 3 inch squares and place on cutting board or clean counter. Place the stencils on the brownies and sift the sugar over the stencil, then remove the stencil. Once all brownies have been stenciled, transfer to attractive serving dish. Cover with saran wrap.

(Supplies: 1 box brownie mix, 2.5 x 2.5 inch square scrap paper, scissors, powdered sugar, hand sifter, serving dish) Make a list of who will get these special holiday treats: an elderly neighbor who is homebound, or a friend who lives alone. For more ideas contact your church, care facilities in your area, or your school for ideas on where else you can spread the joy of these fun brownie treats. Have the children hand deliver the gifts.  Tell the receiver that the treats were made especially for them.

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