A True Christmas

Christmas without all the hoopla…

Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

Each day of Advent is listed in this section with the designated candles to light, a scripture to read, activities to share, a simple craft, and prayer to close with. Additionally, on each Saturday, there is a group activity and a recipe to share with visiting friends and family.

Advent Week One, The Week of Hope

small plant sprouting in cupped hanfs

image girl prayingOh, Lord, let us feel your presence now as we gather around this wreath.  As we light the first candle, may this time together remind us how your birth brought hope for all of mankind into the world. Let the lighting of each candle in this journey of Advent remind us of the hope, joy and love that the world cannot give us, as the true source of these can only be You. Grow gratitude and compassion in our hearts this month and always. Lord, show us the                                    way to shine your bright light on those around us.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

images adv pages candlesLight the candle of Hope, the purple candle.

image advent ages scriptureRead Mathew 1:18-25 and Mathew 2:1-15.

image adv pages activityHide and Seek the Advent Wreath Put the Advent wreath in a secret hiding place. Give each family member a flashlight. Turn off all the lights in the house. Everyone search for the wreath.

image advent pages craftsDecorated packages. Use cut-outs from last year’s Christmas cards to decorate plain gift wrap.
Deimage girl prayingar Lord, as we begin this period of Advent, let us be ever thankful for abundance and joyful in the hope of your coming birth.  We look forward with longing to the fulfillment of God’s promise that the Messiah would come and redeem us. May our thoughts and actions in this season and all year be pleasing to you.  Amen.

image advent pages recipe Christmas Cup Cakes Mix the batter from the white cake mix as directed. Divide the batter into six small bowls. Add food coloring to the bowls like this: two green (12 drops each bowl), two red (16 drops each bowl). Two remain white. Optional: In the white bowl add red or green sprinkles or a combination of the two. Line 16 muffin cups. Fill each cup about ¼ full with red batter. Spread with spoon. Next, repeat with white, then green. Spread batter in cup with knife to cover the color underneath. Bake as directed for cake mix. Let cool. Remove lining. Top with whipped cream or icing and sprinkles. (Supplies: 18 oz. white cake mix, green food coloring. red food coloring, six small bowls, red or green sprinkles, 16 muffin cups)

image advent pages inspO for a heart to praise my God,

A heart from sin set free;

A heart that always feels thy blood

So freely shed for me.                           Charles Wesley

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