A True Christmas

Christmas without all the hoopla…

Christmas Journal

Family Journal

Turn this page into a family journal. Just get together and fill in the blanks!  Print for your Christmas scrap book.  Or place in an envelope and store with your Christmas items as a time capsule for next year.


Our Christmas Journal

Guests in our home for Christmas Eve, and where they traveled from:

Guests in our home for Christmas dinner, and where they traveled from:

What we served for Christmas dinner and dessert:

Prayer we said before dinner:

Oldest person at Christmas dinner:

Youngest person at Christmas dinner:

What was topping the Christmas tree:

List the favorite ice cream flavor of all those at dinner:

Activities we did over the holidays:

Interesting or funny moments with family and friends:

List each child’s favorite tree ornament:

What we value most about this day:

We miss who has passed on before us:

More memories to savor:

Click Our Christmas Journal to print this page.

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